Jim's story of creating a Dream Center in the city of Bismarck & Mandan starts on May 29, 2016 when he woke with a vision for a meal ministry and services to help those in need firmly planted in his mind. Jim explained his vision to his wife Cindy and asked her what she thought about it. Cindy's reply was, "you know what you need to do." What Jim didn't realize at the time was it was that vision and direction from God that kick started his drive to bring a Dream Center to Bismarck. For the next year, Cindy and Jim met with many people in the community including several pastors, church leaders, city officials and the Mayor.

Jim & Cindy finally ended up at The Banquet where Jim got involved first as a Banquet Board Member and now serves as Banquet Board Chairman.

In March of 2019

Banquet Director Karla Eisenbeisz, former Homeless Coalition Director Jeannie Messall, Cindy and Jim made a trip to the Dream Center in Los Angeles to confirm Jim's Dream Center application sent several months earlier. By May, Dream Center Bismarck was officially sanctioned. Fast forward to today, Dream Center Bismarck is a newly formed non-profit organization whose main goal is to "Find a Need & Fill It". Internationally there are about 85 Dream Centers, each working in their own community to find unmet community needs and fill them. June 19 of 2019, the Dream Center Adopt-a-Block program was brought to Bismarck.

The Bismarck Adopt-a-Block program was started as a food distribution program going to Jeannette Myhre Elementary and South Central High School in Bismarck and distributing free groceries to those in need. In April of 2020, with the start of COVID-19 and all the hardships it has brought to our community, especially to our low-income citizens, the program was expanded to 6 days each week.

With the help of Bismarck and Mandan Public School staff, locations were strategically chosen to serve the most households. Since that time, the Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution truck, once again with the help of Bismarck Public School staff and area churches has helped form the Needs Nook. The Needs Nook works with the Adopt-a-Block truck and others to distribute diapers and feminine hygiene products to those in need.

To obtain a supply of food, Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution makes stops at area grocery stores including Cash Wise, Dan's SuperMarkets, Natural Grocers, Costco Wholesale & Master Bakery, picking up food that is either surplus or close to the expiration date. We also partner with Great Plains Food Bank who supplies us with local products, as well a large monthly shipment of grocery product.

The Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution truck is distributing about 100,000 pounds or over $160,000 worth of food to low income households each month.

Adopt-a-Block is serving as many as 700 households every week! This is all being done with NO government funding other than getting some USDA commodities thru Great Plains Food Bank.