Construction Underway!

Dream It.

Jim & Cindy Barnhardt, founders of Dream Center Bismarck recently purchased a 1.75 acre lot at 1805 Park Avenue, Bismarck to house the Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution program and other community-based programs. Construction of the 24,000 square foot facility has started and is expected to be completed in early 2022.

Build It.

The facility will also house The Banquet, our sister nonprofit organization, as well as offer free services or referrals to free services to address areas of nutrition, employment, health & dental, and address areas of poverty, addiction, abuse, and generational dysfunction. Dream Center Bismarck serves as a resource center focused on working together with others in the community to find creative solutions through community outreach programs. It all goes back to "Find a Need & Fill It!"

Jim & Cindy Barnhardt, and the Dream Center Board of Directors believe they are putting together a program that will not only provide food and meals for many people in need but also, with collaboration between entities, will make inroads into ending generational dysfunction in the city we serve.

Construction of Dream Center Bismarck is underway at 1805 Park Avenue, Bismarck.